Key Dates

  • Buyer Appointment Requests Open

    March 29 2021
  • Appointment Requests Deadline

    April 19 2021
  • Appointments Posted

    April 26 2021

    Appointment Times

    Appointments will begin at 12:00 UTC/8:00 Eastern on Tuesday, May 18 and continue 24 hours a day until 23:59 UTC/19:59 Eastern on Thursday, May 20. Appointments and all official events will appear on your schedule in your local time zone based on your computer settings.

    Virtual appointments are video conference appointments so dress for success, you will be onscreen!

    Make the Most out of Your Rendez-vous Canada Experience, Buyer Appointment Tips

    Time flies fast at Rendez-vous Canada! Follow these tips from Rendez-vous Canada veterans to make the most of your time:

    Between March 29 and April 19

    • Review the online directory and prepare a list of Sellers that you would like to meet
    • Indicate the top 100 Sellers that you are interested in meeting. It is strongly recommended that you submit the maximum number of requests to obtain a full appointment schedule
    • Review the list of Sellers who have requested appointments with you. If you are interested in meeting with them, include that Seller in your list of requests
    • Rank the Sellers in order of preference

    On April 19

    • Review list of requests one last time
    • Ensure that you have submitted the full 100 requests allowed

    On and after April 26

    • Add manual appointment requests to fill any open timeslots

    Respond to Seller requests as soon as you receive them. Requests can be sent to multiple buyers and bookings are first-come, first-serve

    Appointment FAQs

    Q: Can I bring another person from my company to attend appointments with me?

    Yes, Buyers can register additional delegates to share their appointment schedule for $95 + HST. Please select a “Buyer without Appointment Schedule” package when registering for Rendez-vous Canada+.


    Q: My appointment schedule doesn’t match my location. Can I switch to another region?

    Yes, please contact the RVC Project Office before March 15, 2021 and let us know which region you prefer: Americas, Europe or Asia Pacific.


    Q: Can I request multiple appointments with the same seller?

    This year we have increased the appointment length from 12 minutes to 20 minutes eliminating the need for double appointments.