Key Dates

  • TIAC Member – Appointment Requests Open

    February 17 2020
  • Buyer and Non-Member – Appointment Requests Open

    March 2 2020
  • Appointment Requests Deadline

    March 20 2020
  • Appointments Posted

    March 30 2020

    Time flies fast at Rendez-vous Canada

    Follow these tips from Rendez-vous Canada veterans to make the most of your time:

    Before March 2

    • Log into your MyRVC account and assign appointment schedule(s) to your delegates. Delegates can share appointment schedules and attend meetings together however each schedule must be assigned to a specific delegate;
    • Configure country opt-outs to specify which Buyer countries you would like to meet with and would not like to meet with;
    • Review the online directory and start preparing a list of Buyers that you would like to meet;

    Between March 2 and March 20

    • Indicate the top 40 Buyers (half booth) or top 82 Buyers (full booth) that you are interested in meeting;
    • Rank the Buyers in order of preference;
    • Review the list of Buyers that have requested appointments with you. If you are interested in meeting with them, include that buyer in your list of requests;
    • Block any timeslots that you are not available to take appointments;
    • Reach out to your Buyer contacts and suggest that they request appointments with you;
    • Try to obtain as many mutual matches as possible. Previous Rendez-vous Canada history has shown that 95% of all mutual matches are successfully booked;
    • Review the list of registered Media and Destination Canada representatives. Remember that you can include these delegates in your list of preferred appointments as well;
    • Login regularly to review your list of requests. New buyers register every day;

    On March 20

    • Review list of requests one last time;
    • Ensure that you have submitted the maximum number of requests allowed (Half booth – 40 requests, Full booth – 82 requests);

    On and after March 30 

    • Add manual appointment requests to fill any open timeslots;
    • Block or unblock timeslots, if applicable;
    • Respond to Buyer requests as soon as you receive them. Requests can be sent to multiple sellers and bookings are first come first serve.

    Read the RVC Blogs for tips in preparation for your appointments.

    How to Rendez-Vous Canada - Seller

    Make sure to check out our How to RVC video series, with seller tips from experienced delegates!

    Important to know

    • Sellers in a half booth will automatically have half of their schedule blocked allowing for a maximum of 34 appointments;
    • Sellers in full booths can purchase one additional schedule per booth. You must register at least one (1) delegate per schedule;
    • TIAC Members can submit appointment requests beginning February 17, 2020;
    • Non-member Sellers can submit appointment requests online between March 2 and March 20;
    • Half booths can submit 40 requests, full booths can submit 82 requests. It is strongly recommended that you submit the maximum number of requests to obtain a full appointment schedule.