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Quick Tips:

  • Quick Tips:
  • Taking appointments
  • How to Navigate the Event
  • How to Navigate the Marketplace
  • How to Visit a Booth
  • How to Send a Message

Quick Tips:

  • Test your virtual setup before your first appointment: Click TEST MIC AND CAMERA at the top of the Appointment screen. Click “allow” when asked for permission to access your camera and mic. Be sure to test using the same computer you will use to attend the virtual event.
  • To improve system speed: Close all other programs running on your computer and disconnect from your VPN. Use a hard-wired internet connection if possible.
  • To improve sound quality: Use an external microphone and headset. Computer built-in microphones do not offer the best quality sound. If your audio is choppy due to a slow internet connection, try turning off your camera.
  • Plan your environment: Select a location that is private and quiet. Be aware of what is behind you. The virtual appointments allows for virtual background when using most internet browsers, however it may be glitchy when using Safari.
  • Try the mobile app: For the best experience at RVC+ 2022 on the virtual event, use a desktop or laptop computer..


Need Help? Click the Help box at the bottom right corner in the Virtual Event to chat with Technical Support or check out our Troubleshooting information document.

Taking appointments

Appointments are displayed on your schedule in your local time zone based on your computer settings. Appointment 1 begins at 7:00am ET on May 25.

Your meeting schedule will be displayed on the left side of your screen. The name and organization of the delegate you are meeting with will be listed. Delegates indicated with a green icon are online. The profile of the delegate you are meeting with will appear in the bottom half of your screen below the meeting window. The meeting will begin automatically at the start time indicated on your schedule. If you have not already done so, you will need to enable your camera and microphone.

A countdown to your next appointment will be displayed at the top of your appointment schedule. This countdown is live and customized to your schedule. At the end of countdown you will be moved directly to the next appointment. You don’t need to log in to the next appointment, because the system will move you automatically.


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How to Navigate the Event

On arrival, you’ll find yourself in our virtual lobby where you can access the Marketplace and visit Seller booths, watch videos in the Explore Canada Showcase, check out our sponsors, and visit the Destination Canada (DC) and Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC) Lounges.

To navigate through the Virtual Event:

  1. Click on any doorway: From the Lobby, click the DC Lounge or TIAC Lounge doors to chat with one of the team members. Click on the Explore Canada Showcase door to access videos. Or click on the Marketplace doorway to view the Seller booths. See How to Navigate the Marketplace for more information.
  2. Click on any logo: All company logos will take you directly to a Seller’s booth. Click on any of the Sponsor logos in the main lobby, in any of the province, territory or pavilion lobbies, or throughout the virtual event.
  3. Use the top menu navigation: Navigate directly to the Explore Canada Showcase, Marketplace, your Appointments, or back to the Lobby from anywhere in the virtual event using the links in the top menu bar.

TIP: Videos are placed throughout the virtual event. Click on a video window to open and view a video. Some videos run automatically but without sound so as not to be too distracting. To enable sound when watching a video, click on the unmute icon.


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How to Navigate the Marketplace

There are three ways to access the Seller booths in the Marketplace:

  1. Enter from the Lobby: Click on the Marketplace doors in the Lobby and select the province, territory or pavilion you would like to visit. Click on the company you would like to visit from the billboard and browse through all of the booths using the forward and back arrows.
  2. Use the top menu: Click on Marketplace in the top menu and select the province, territory or pavilion you would like to visit. A list of Sellers will appear on the right. Click on the booth you would like to visit.
  3. Search for company name: Use the Search box at the top right of the screen to find any RVC+ Seller. The list will filter as you type to search for all matching company names. Click on the booth you would like to visit.

TIP: You can navigate directly from one booth to the next within the same province, territory or pavilion using the forward and back arrows. To view another region, click on Marketplace to return to the map of Canada.


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How to Visit a Booth

There are several opportunities to interact with Sellers in the virtual Marketplace booths. See How to Navigate the Marketplace to learn how to find a Seller booth. Once you find a Seller that piques your interest, use these tips to make the most of your booth visit:

  1. Watch Seller videos: Sellers can show videos directly in their booth display and upload videos to share with you. To watch the display videos, click on the video image to open and view the video. To view uploaded videos, click on the video icon in the booth resource box.
  2. Chat with Seller booth representatives: Click on the Chat icon in the booth resource box to open a new chat window. All Sellers will be listed and you can send a message or start a video chat. See How to Send a Message for more info.
  3. Browse the seller resources: View PDF brochures, PowerPoint documents, photos and videos by clicking on the icons in the booth resource box.
  4. Like a company? Add to Favourites: Click the Ribbon icon in the booth resource box to add the booth to your favourites. The company profile will be added to your list of favourites in your MyRVC portal.


TIP: If you like one of the seller resources, you can save a copy to your briefcase by clicking on the briefcase icon. View all of your favourite resources by clicking on Briefcase in the top menu.


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How to Send a Message

We know that networking with other delegates is a key component to Rendez-vous Canada. All delegates have the opportunity to chat and video conference with other delegates through the RVC+ Virtual Event.

To send a message to a Seller:

Navigate to the Seller booth and click on the Chat icon in the booth display. A chat window will appear showing a list of all of the Sellers for that booth. Sellers that are online will be indicated by a green icon. Click on the name of the seller to start a conversation, type your message and click Send.

Note: Delegates that are offline will receive their messages when they login.

To send a message to a delegate:

Click on Chat link in the top menu. Search for a delegate by first name, last name OR company name. A list of matches will appear in your search window. Click on the delegate that you would like to chat with, type your message and click Send.

To respond to a message:

You will receive a notification whenever you receive a text message. When you receive a notification, click on the Chat link to open the chat window. New messages will be at the top of your list you will see a new chat icon. The icon will disappear when you read the message.

To start a video chat:

If a delegate that you are messaging is online, a camera icon will appear at the top right of your chat box. To start a video chat, click on the icon. If the delegate accepts your request you will be placed directly into a video conference. Make sure your camera and mic are on before starting a video chat!


TIP: You can set your language preference for all incoming messages. Text messages will display in the language in which it was sent, and will then be translated and displayed in your preferred language. Select any language from the language drop down menu.


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