As part of Rendez-vous Canada, Destination Canada hosts a small number of select international travel trade media from our 10 international markets to share story ideas and the latest news from across Canada’s tourism industry.

International travel trade media delegates are selected by Destination Canada’s in-market representatives. If you produce content that informs the travel industry in one of our 10 international markets, please contact your Destination Canada representative below for more information:

If you are interested in learning more about Rendez-vous Canada or for more information on the tourism industry in Canada in general, please contact [email protected].



Registration for selected international travel trade media is complimentary and opens in early 2020. Media must be registered to attend.

For registration inquiries, please contact your Destination Canada representative listed above.


Local Media

If you are local media based in Québec, please reach out to the RVC Project Office for information about the show and potential onsite media opportunities.



Invited travel trade media will be provided with the following resources:

  • Curated news items and assets;
  • Organized media availability sessions with key Destination Canada leadership and industry experts;
  • A dedicated onsite Destination Canada media team to facilitate your work;
  • Attendance at events throughout Rendez-vous Canada;
  • A dedicated media workspace;
  • Exclusive market intelligence briefings;
  • The opportunity to attend industry pre and post FAMS (limited availability so be sure to register early);
  • Ability to book online appointments with sellers.

Visit the Destination Canada website for updates, news releases and industry statistics.

For rights-free, ready to use photos and videos, visit our Brand Canada Library.


Connect with Destination Canada

You can connect with Destination Canada on twitter @DestinationCAN using #RVC2020